Day: December 16, 2018

Apple Is Shutting Down Apple Music’s Rarely-Used Connect Feature

Apple is giving up on its second attempt to create something of a social network within its music app. The company has informed artists that effective today, they can no longer post content to the Connect section of Apple Music. This page on confirms the change, saying that “Connect posts from artists are no […]

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‘Donald’ Makes the List of 2018’s Worst Passwords

It’s that time of year again when the annual list of worst passwords is released and we see that we have learned nothing from our mistakes. This year’s list features the usual suspects, like “password” at number two and “123456” at number one for the fifth year in a row, but in an upsetting turn […]

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Netflix Is Testing an Instant Replay Feature

Netflix is currently testing a rewind-like function that will give users the ability to replay a specific scene more conveniently. The new tool allows people to immediately rewatch a scene without having to mess around with Netflix’s standard time bar at the bottom of the screen, according to the Los Angeles Times. It’s unclear if […]

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Facial Recognition Tech Used to Scan for Stalkers at Taylor Swift Show

Security at a Taylor Swift show in California secretly used facial recognition technology on the crowd to search for stalkers, Rolling Stone reported Thursday. A kiosk that showed rehearsal clips of her to entertain fans at her May 18 show at the Rose Bowl had a facial recognition camera hidden inside, which transferred pictures of […]

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Tesla Drops Prices in China After the Government Suspends Tariffs

China will temporarily drop a retaliatory 25 percent tariff on imported US cars as the two countries try to work toward a resolution of the recent trade war, Chinese government officials announced on Friday. The government there had tacked that 25 percent tariff onto an existing 15 percent import tax earlier this year as part […]

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