Apple Is Shutting Down Apple Music’s Rarely-Used Connect Feature


Apple is giving up on its second attempt to create something of a social network within its music app. The company has informed artists that effective today, they can no longer post content to the Connect section of Apple Music. This page on confirms the change, saying that “Connect posts from artists are no longer supported.” Credit to 9to5Mac for reporting the development.

When it introduced Apple Music at WWDC 2015, Apple pitched Connect as a unique avenue for linking musicians and their fans and a standout feature of the service. Jimmy Iovine billed Connect as one of the three major pillars of Apple Music, with the others being the streaming music service and Beats Radio.

It’s possible that Apple might continue using the Connect section, which is already a bit hidden away, for its own posts. But the whole pitch was artists using the thing, and that’s over with.

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