How To Identify An Original Phone And A Fake One


Fake/Substandard Phones has been a plague in the market and has affected virtual all mobile brands.

Fake phones most times has same physical features with the original ones which makes it hard for the buyer/User of the phone to know if its fake or Original.

They are several means of Detecting if your mobile device is Original or Fake.
In this Article we would be teaching You how to differentiate between a fake phone and an original one Using its IMEI.

Firstly what is IMEI?
IMEI Means International Mobile Equipment Identity
The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number, usually unique, to identify 3GPP and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones (Wikipedia).

How To Use IMEI To Know An Original Phone 

To know if your phone is original follow the following instructions carefully.

Firstly On the phone you want to check Dial *#06# and the IMEI of your phone would pop up, it is a 15 Digit code  (The IMEI can usually be found on the back of most phone too)
Example of a normal IMEI is 358742042545412

Now Note this steps keenly and know that kind of device you are dealing with.

If the digit number SEVEN and EIGHT is 02 or 20 it means your device was assembled in the Emirates which Tags your device as a low standard phone (Fake)

For example the IMEI 358742042545412 
The numbers with Red color is the seventh and Eight number (0 and 4 respectively)

If the secret and eight digit is either 03/30 or 04/40, it indicates that your phone is Made in China but the quality is of High grade (Smile you are in good hands) But not of Top quality as Phones with 00/01/10 As their Seventh and eight Number IMEI.

If the Seventh and Eight Digit is 05 or 50 Its an indication that your device was Manufactured in Either Brazil , Usa or Finland which tags your phone as top quality.

If the Seventh and Eight digit are 06 or 60 it indicates that your cell phone was manufactured in either Hong Kong, , Mexico or China.

If the digit of the Seventh or Eight is 08 or 80 then your phone was manufactured in Germany. (Smile)

Phones with 01 as their Seventh and Eight IMEI digit are Made in Finland and are of top quality

Finally If the Seventh and Eight Digit of your IMEI is 00 then your phone was manufactured in France which is the best mobile phone quality.

I hope with this article you would be now be able to identify different grades of phones based on their IMEI number.
But we should also be careful with the phone because IMEI can also be altered and fake phones sold as original.

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