Huawei: China Accuses UK of ‘Pride and Prejudice’


China has accused the UK of “deep-rooted pride and prejudice” over security fears raised about Huawei.

The Chinese company’s chairman has also complained of his firm’s “incredibly unfair treatment” abroad.

In recent weeks, the UK’s Defence Secretary and chief of MI6 have been among those to warn that use of Huawei’s 5G kit poses risks that need fuller consideration.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and Japan have also flagged concerns.

Experts have warned that the Chinese government could compel the company to disrupt telecom networks that use its equipment or spy on their customers.

But Huawei denies it would ever do so, noting that such action would undermine its business.

Last week, it invited the media to visit its 5G and cyber-security research labs in Dongguan, Guangdong as part of efforts to counter criticism.

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