Day: January 6, 2019

AI-Equipped Cameras Will Help Spot Wildlife Poachers Before They Can Kill

Elephants are proverbially hard to miss, but even these huge beasts can be swallowed up in the vast plains of Africa. This is a big problem for park rangers whose job is to protect the animals from poachers. In Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, for example, there are just 150 rangers responsible for safeguarding an […]

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Tesla Urges Tariff Exemption for Chinese-Made Car Computer ‘Brain’

Tesla Inc has asked the Trump administration to exempt the Chinese-made car computer “brain” of its new Model 3 sedan from 25 percent tariffs imposed in August, saying they threaten the electric carmaker’s bottom line. “Increased tariffs on this particular part cause economic harm to Tesla, through the increase of costs and impact to profitability,” […]

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The All-Electric Polestar 2 Will Be the First Car with Google’s Native Android Auto

Volvo’s futuristic performance brand Polestar released the first teaser image of its second car this week (seen above). The aptly named Polestar 2 will be Volvo’s first all-electric car, and has specs (on paper, at least) that match up with some of the best EVs that are about to hit the road. It will also […]

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