CES 2019: Toyota Details Guardian Driver Assist to Avoid Car Crashes


With 40,000 road fatalities across the United States every year, Toyota has used its CES 2019 press conference to detail its Guardian driver assist program.

While Toyota’s Chauffeur Level 5 is its fully autonomous system, the car maker said it has been simultaneously developing Guardian, which is aimed at providing assistance in situations where car crashes can be mitigated or prevented.

According to Toyota Research Institute CEO Dr Gill Pratt, the auto industry has an obligation to use tech to save as many lives as possible as soon as possible.

Taking inspiration from fighter pilot systems, Pratt said the company has developed “blended envelope control”; most of the time driver is in control, but when they reach the edge of a designated safety envelope, the car takes over and steers it back into this safety envelope.

“It’s a seamless blend of human and machine working together as teammates,” Pratt said at CES on Monday afternoon. “Our Guardian alerts the driver visually and audibly of imminent danger, and it avoids it by manoeuvring out of the lane briefly, then returning to the original lane to avoid the obstruction.”

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