Groove X’s Cuddly Lovot Robot is Stealing Hearts at CES 2019


Currently being showcased at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the new Lovot robot from Japanese robotics startup Groove X is winning hearts everywhere. Lovot’s one mission in life is to make you happy, and with its big cartoon eyes and teddy bear-soft exterior, it’s bound to make even the iciest of hearts melt just a little.

Groove X says that Lovot is designed to “nurture people’s capacity to love” by demanding the affection of its owner. When Lovot wants to be picked up and cuddled, it waves its little arms in the air, and will even follow you around your home on its wheels. It can even ‘fall asleep’ in your arms if you give it a good enough cuddle.

Essentially, Lovot is designed to behave just like a real living thing; when you tickle it, the little robot dances around, and it can even ‘sulk’ and beg to be picked up if it sees you interacting with another Lovot.

Of course, these things come at a price, and the Lovot is no different; you can preorder a pair of the fuzzy bots for an eye-watering 598,000 yen, which works out at around $5,520. Right now, prices outside of Japan are unverified, and the Lovot is not expected to become available in the US until 2020, with the availability and pricing in other territories still to be confirmed.

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