Google at CES 2019: Assistant Gets Smarter


Google not only made a bunch of announcements itself, but also partnered with other companies, including Samsung, Lenovo and McAfee to tout new Assistant integrations.

*Here’s everything Google announced at CES this year:*

The Assistant will be in 1 billion devices by the end of the month. That includes phones, smart speakers and household appliances.

Google Assistant Interpreter mode does live translations for two people speaking different languages.

Google Assistant Connect is a platform that allows third-party device makers to more easily integrate the Assistant into their products.

A smart alarm clock made by Lenovo.

A water-resistant KitchenAid smart display by Whirlpool.

Assistant gets built into Sonos speakers.

Assistant will work with Samsung TVs, so you can turn it on, change channels, and control volume using voice commands from your Google Home.

Assistant is being built into car accessories, including the Anker Roav Bolt and the JBL Link Drive, which plug into a car’s cigarette lighter to connect your phone to the in-car system.

Lots of new mobile features: Check into your flight using the Google Assistant, access the Assistant straight from your phone’s lock screen. And the Assistant is coming to the Google Maps app, so you can use voice commands to do things like share your ETA or reply to a text while driving.

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