Google Assistant has a Disney-esque Musical Ride at CES


Google brought its own version of “It’s a Small World” to CES.

The ride, which opened Tuesday at Google’s massive booth outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, is part of a big promotional blitz the search giant is making around the Assistant, the company’s digital helper software, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

To Google’s credit, the company is self-aware about the absurdity. Before riders get into their seats, a voice over the PA system welcomes them to an experience that’s “part ride, part marketing stunt, let’s be honest with ourselves.”

The ride follows the narrative of a frazzled dad attempting to get the cake for a surprise birthday party, showing how Google Assistant can help along the way, from sending ETAs by voice to the new Interpreter Mode (at this point in the song Google rhymed “French” with “clench” so make sure to watch out for that masterful bit of songwriting).

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