Cambridge Analytica Parent Firm SCL Elections Fined Over Data Refusal


Cambridge Analytica’s parent company SCL Elections Ltd has been fined £15,000 plus costs for failing to hand over the personal data of a US citizen.

The case was brought by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), after a complaint filed by Prof David Carroll, who is a US citizen.

He was one of millions of people whose personal information was harvested from a variety of sources by the company.

SCL admitted it had failed to comply with the ICO’s legal notice.

The enforcement notice was issued one day before the firm went into administration last May.

Cambridge Analytica was embroiled in scandal when it emerged that Facebook data collected by UK researcher Dr Aleksandr Kogan via a personality quiz had been shared with it, without consent from users.

There were concerns that some of the data may have been used to target political advertising in the US presidential election and the EU referendum, something Cambridge Analytica denies.

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