Day: January 28, 2019

Excluding Huawei Could Hamper 5G Mobile Networks: China Envoy to EU

China’s envoy to the European Union warned that excluding Chinese tech group Huawei could hamper new 5G mobile networks, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. Efforts to limit involvement of Chinese technology in upcoming 5G projects in Europe might bring “serious consequences to the global economic and scientific co-operation,” Ambassador Zhang Ming said in an […]

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Google Duo May Come With a Web Version Soon

Internet search giant Google is reportedly planning to roll out a “web client” for its calling app Duo, according to a repost by 9to5Google. The report cited a sources familiar with the development and stated that this roll out will happen in the coming weeks. The web client of the Google Duo is said to […]

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Facebook Denies Claims That Half of its Account’s are Fake

Facebook has termed “unequivocally false” a report that claims the social networking platform hosts one billion fake accounts, a media report said. According to a Daily Mail report, a former classmate of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the social media giant hosts one billion fake accounts on its platform, or 50 per cent of […]

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Mysterious Google Devices Codenamed ‘Medaka’ & ‘Salmon’ Spotted

Android Open Source Project has often given hints into upcoming Google Android devices, be it smartphones or wearables. Nexus series, as well as Pixel series smartphones, were first hinted at by AOSP. Each time a new device appears on the platform, it gets registered and gives a look into Android behind-the-scenes. AOSP is essentially an […]

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IBM Helping Indian Companies Become 5G-Ready

IBM is helping Indian companies to become 5G ready once the ultra-high-speed wireless broadband networks start functioning in the country. The US software company is in talks with Indian enterprises, including telcos, to help then define their 5G strategy and build their capabilities to address that demand. “Our big focus in calender 2019 is 5G […]

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