Mysterious Google Devices Codenamed ‘Medaka’ & ‘Salmon’ Spotted


Android Open Source Project has often given hints into upcoming Google Android devices, be it smartphones or wearables. Nexus series, as well as Pixel series smartphones, were first hinted at by AOSP. Each time a new device appears on the platform, it gets registered and gives a look into Android behind-the-scenes. AOSP is essentially an Android Open Source Project, which refers to the log on any change that any of the contributing developers make in the project.

The latest to appear on AOSP are two new Google devices codenamed ‘Medaka’ and ‘Salmon’, and are likely to be the upcoming Pixel Watch. As pointed out in a 9to5Google report, ‘Medaka’ and ‘Salmon’ are mentioned in a single commit related to “Update CtsWindowManagerDeviceTestCases for chin devices” that Google is working on in the Android dialer. The developer added that this new API was uploaded using “verified code-named device”.

The listing was first spotted by Till Kottmann of Lawnchair app who took to Twitter to share the finding. According to him, none of the devices has a notch and ‘medaka’ will most likely be the rumored Pixel Watch, while ‘salmon’ could either be a watch or a phone.

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